Potato wedges

Ingredients: 5 potatoes 40 g of Paprika Grill marinade olive oil   Preparation:   STEP 1 – POTATO WEDGES PREPARATION Cut washed potatoes into eighths and boil al dente. Drain and sprinkle abundantly with the Paprika Grill marinade.   STEP 2 – POTATO WEDGES FRYING Place the potato wedges in a hot pan and fry […]

Spring salad

Ingredients: small headed cabbage 2 red onions 1 carrot parsley fresh dill 3 tablespoons of olive oil salt and pepper   Preparation: STEP 1 – SALAD PREPARATION Wash and drain the vegetables Cut the cabbage thinly, cut the onion into semi-circular pieces and grate the carrot finely. Chop the dill and parsley, add olive oil, […]

Coated cheese

Ingredients: ca. 250 g of Gouda cheese coating water 50 g of cranberries   Preparation: STEP 1 – CHEESE PREPARATION   Cut the cheese into 2 cm pieces.   STEP 2 – COATING Start coating: sift the coating into a plastic container place the cheese pieces into a bowl with cold water remove the cheese pieces […]


Ingredients: Tortilla 1 chicken fillet (ca. 250 g) a few pieces of iceberg lettuce 2 slices of red onion a slice of tomato and a slice of cucumber ketchup 5 g of mild marinade 0.25 l of water coating   Preparation: STEP 1 – FILLET PREPARATION Clean the fillet. Cut diagonally into 35-40 g pieces […]